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Scandinavian Log Houses in Portugal

The Dream of living in a log home is a lifestyle. Itís choosing a healthy, balanced life and showing care and respect for nature and our planet. A log home is built on more than 1,000 years of building traditions, but todayís modern wooden house also delivers exceptional quality, comfort, energy efficiency and air quality. Wood creates the perfect balance between people and their environment.

Scanwo our Partners

The Scandinavian-style log home in a completely new and unique way. Each house is designed precisely to customer requirements and in accordance with our Danish design philosophy Ė down to the smallest detail. The timberís rustic feel, exceptional quality, and the combination of skilled craftsmanship and new technologies are central in Scanwo log homes.



Healthy indoor climate

For thousands of years people have realized the benefits of wood as a construction material. Today it makes an excellent alternative to many contemporary construction materials. The natural properties of the wood itself help promote healthy indoor air quality. High quality timber and insulation and low-energy windows all contribute to Scanwo housesí high comfort levels and excellent indoor air quality.


Better earthquake protection

Wood is much more flexible than bricks, concrete and many other building materials. If a wooden house is built the right way, it is more resistant to earthquakes. Theoretical studies and major earthquakes have shown that the wooden houses does not collapse in the same manner as houses built of other materials having a tendency to do



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