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Solid timber

Wood is not just wood. For Scanwo houses only the best wood is good enough. All the wood we use comes from spruces, which grow in the Southern Lapland in Northern Scandinavia.

At such latitudes, the trees grow very slowly, and will not be harvested until they are 80-100 years old. With only a small gap between each of the trees’ rings, such timber is both extremely compact and durable. We use spruces instead of pines for all our houses.

The structure

Spruce is more tight knit compared to pine, which makes it much more durable and resistant to the elements. It requires only minimal maintenance, and all our timbers are impregnated prior to delivery in order to make them even more long-lasting.


Stylish Log Houses

Traditionally, Scandinavian housing is built by skilled craftsmen, and, because nature’s own materials have always been at hand, they have been used throughout history. The Danish design pays tribute to a simple and pure expression.

Scandinavia experiences cold winters and hot summers with high humidity. This has made insulation a key focus area which brings together sustainability, energy optimization and air quality. We have developed our building methods and building materials throughout the years, but the style remains the same. The result is architecturally impressive homes that provide the perfect frame for family life.


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